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Famous Freemasons Video

The “Inside The Freemasons” Series was up for a little while yesterday, and then it was gone just as quickly as it had appeared!!!

We are WORKING towards getting these back up ASAP. In the meantime… enjoy some regular viewing. Here are some famous Freemasons. Some you are aware of, and we are sure that others have flown under your radar! Continue reading

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Inside The Freemasons Part 2, SKY 1 T.V., See It Here!

More Light In Masonry is happy to share Part 2 of Inside The Freemasons, from Sky 1 T.V. During episode 2, we watch as the newly elected Candidate  continues his Initiation into the Fraternity.

The Candidate, is following 5 generations of his family in joining Russell Lodge, of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Bedfordshire.  The Candidate’s Father acts as a mentor to him, and is very involved in his progress.  Continue reading

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Inside The Freemasons Part 1, SKY 1 T.V. IS HERE!

The much anticipated airing of the first episode of Inside The Freemasons was last week in the U.k. Today, the rest of the world is provided a showing! We reported on this on March 28, 2017. Now, follow along with us as we view, commentate on, and archive these showings.

I watched this first episode, and was actually impressed with the presentation, style, and overall dignity shown towards the Craft and her members. Their appears to be a developing story line surrounding- among others, the Deputy Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, and an incoming Candidate who is about to experience his first entrance into the Lodge- that of an Entered Apprentice. We will watch as the two progress down those two pathways, both of which lead towards the goal of Masonry- self betterment and fulfillment in one’s own spirit. Continue reading

Morelightinmasonry,, jon sage, Hamilton resident Lamar King was arrested for vandalism of the Hamilton Masonic Lodge at 724 High St. Police said an officer watched King spray paint his own name and birth date on the building. GREG LYNCH/STAFF

Dumb & Dumber… Hoping This Guy Doesn’t Have Kids To Influence!

If we don’t have a “dumbest criminal” section in any Masonic Publications, perhaps now is the time to start one. Officials representing Washington F & A M Lodge #17 in Hamilton, OH are hopeful that spray paint graffiti will be cleaned from the building’s exterior by summer. Most of the time, it is difficult if not impossible to identify the perpetrators in these crimes, many of which deface and destroy historic buildings… Masonic or not! But, this case was a bit different.  Continue reading

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7 Years In The Making- The Royal Art of Freemasonry

To Know Thyself; Making Your Life Count; Bettering Yourself; Communion With Your Creator; Facing The Uncertainty of Eternity… With Certainty!

These were some of MY fundamental reasons for becoming a Freemason and for then practicing, studying, and applying the philosophy of Masonry in my life. As it turns out, these are also some of the key ideas to be explored and discussed in a new documentary, The Royal Art Of Freemasonry.  Continue reading

Ask One To Be One!

This phrase, known the Masonic world over, now carries with it new intent, as pointed out in an article found in the latest “Indiana Freemason”  , a new method. In days gone by, the notion was for a NON-Mason to go out, find a Mason, and then “Ask the Mason” how he might become a Mason as well. This scheme hearkens back to the old adage that you will get exactly what you need. Effectively, this practice entrusted that only those who were truly interested in becoming Masons would “Ask One to Be One” and petition a Lodge, eventually joining the ranks of the Freemasonic Institution. Continue reading

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Open Houses In Utah… Let’s Do It!

The 1st part of the Inside The Freemasons series aired last night on Sky 1, and I am happy for the producers, for all who watched, and for our Fraternity, which I hope will be uplifted and assisted by this publicity. In the meantime, there is no time like the present and no place quite like home to make a difference in everyday Freemasonry.

Utah’s Freemasons are doing just that- carrying on in their own present and down at home in an activity that has been customary for them for some time now. We have LONG touted the benefits of Masonic “Open Houses”, especially when they are done correctly and portray the Fraternity in a solemn and positive light.  Continue reading, The Old Tiler Talks, Claudy, Jon Patrick Sage, More Light In Masonry, Freemasonry

Kinds Of Masons

By: Carl H. Claudy

“I am almost through!” The New Brother displayed a
sheaf of cards to the Old Tiler. “Soon I will have joined
them all and become every kind of Mason there is.”

“What do you know about the kinds of Masons there
are?” asked the Old Tiler, interested. “You have not
been a Master Mason long enough to gain all that

“That’s not hard to gain, with all the brethren poking
petitions at you. There are Scottish Rite Masons and
York Rite Masons and Templar Masons and Chapter
Masons and council Masons and…”

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Birmingham Prince Hall Grand Lodge To Be Renovated!

“One of the most important buildings in downtown Birmingham’s 4th Avenue Historic District is about to get a major upgrade.

The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons (F&AM) of Alabama, Temple Building is a civil rights landmark whose story was in danger of being lost. But after 95 years, the building will be brought back to life as the result of a planned massive renovation project that is expected to take about two years and around $10 million to $15 million dollars to complete.”

This is the big story in the Birmingham Times today, and is finally coming to fruition only after much hard work and labor!  Continue reading;; masonic; Gallipoli campaign: a British troop encampment on 'W Beach' Photo: 2003 Getty Images

World War I Freemasons To Be Honored At Memorial

In one of several events which are coinciding with the Tri-Centennial celebration of the United Grand Lodge of England, Freemasons who received the Victoria Cross will be honored in an upcoming ceremony, conducted by HRH The Duke of Kent in a ceremony this coming April 25.

Of the Victoria Cross recipients (64 total are honored at the new Memorial), 5 hailed from Surrey. Those 5 were among those who were a part of the famous 6 VC’s before breakfast, which occurred in the Gallipoli campaign of 1915.  Continue reading