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Freemasonry In Cuba ~ An Article Worth Reading!

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Las Vegas Shootings, Conspiracy Theories & Freemasonry… The Usual Rubbish

First of all, our condolences and prayers go out to the victims, families of victims, and our world at large in the wake of such a terrible tragedy. With that said, the usual suspects have turned up blaming not only a proliferation of guns in this country, but also of the “Illuminati” and Freemasonry symbolism and structure. Our response to the latter- Rubbish!

Even still, we learn from the following article that “the Illuminati – who for a super-secret cabal are hopeless at hiding themselves – were in evidence: the shooting took place near the Luxor casino with its pyramid, a symbol of Freemasonry.“… As if that’s not enough… “Paddock shot from the 32nd floor and there are 33 levels in the Scottish rite of Freemasonry. Need I say more?” Continue reading

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L.A. Masonic Temple: Renovating The Past… Into The Future

“The hottest ticket in Los Angeles at the moment isn’t for a new restaurant, a pop concert or a sports showdown – it’s for the re-opening of a Masonic Temple on Wilshire Boulevard, now the home of the Marciano Art Foundation.”

This is the headline at KCET describing the re-opening of the old Masonic Temple… not at as Masonic Temple, but as a Museum of Modern Art- that also will strive towards celebrating the building unique past. Continue reading

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The Blank Space In The Sentence

As members of the Free Masonic Fraternity, one of our constant worries seems to pivot around the notion of membership drives, membership retention… membership- whatever’s ! I have, and a great many others, written and spoken at length about the need to; more or less, let membership come as it may, and that to try to too hard… well, by trying to hard we might not be attracting the “right” Candidates anyhow. But, that doesn’t mean that we stop trying. In the words of financial acquaintance of mine- you don’t try or even work harder, you only try to work wiser. Continue reading

Freemasonry… In A GOOD Spotlight In Wisconsin!

The Neville Museum in Green Bay, WI will host an exhibit extolling the contributions of Freemasonry and Masons throughout the history of the United States.  The Initiated Eye will run June 10 through September 3 in Green Bay.  Continue reading

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Finally, Some “Real” History for the 300 Year Birthday Party!

Throughout the past several months, Freemasons the world over have been gearing up for the all-important Tercentenary Celebration of the founding of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE). Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I began to feel as though we were celebrating ONLY the Institution, and not the many good men who have acted as the living stones that make up our Fraternity. Today, an article crossed the news feed that offered a bit of perspective into the lives of the Freemasons of yesteryear.  Continue reading

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Dr. Harland-Jacobs To Speak At Tercentenary Celebration

Dr. Jessica Harland-Jacobs of the University of Florida Dept. of History is set to speak this coming Friday in Jamaica during what will be the 2nd day of celebrations of the tercentenary of modern day Freemasonry (Founding of the United Grand Lodge of England). Dr. Harland-Jacobs is a world class author and lecturer and we are sure that her talk will provide much insight into the Fraternity and all that it has stood for over theses last centuries.  Continue reading

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A Look Inside Detroit’s Masonic Temple

Few Masonic Structures are known the world over, whether it be to Masonic or Secular groups, as is the famed Masonic Temple of Detroit, Michigan. When it was completed at 500 Temple St. in 1926, it was indeed an architectural marvel. Since then, the Temple has held the distinction (since the demolition of the Temple at Chicago in 1939), as the World’s largest Masonic Temple.   Continue reading

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Church and Masons Fight Over Pastor’s Corpse

In a bizarre occurrence in Monrovia, Liberia on this last Saturday, 5 people were taken to a local hospital after fighting broke out- over WHO should bury a deceased Pastor! The melee broke out while parishioners were transporting the corpse of Pastor Washington. Washington, who must have been dearly beloved by his congregation and his Masonic Lodge, ended up having his casket pulled from the cemetery bound hearse by members of the Bernard Farm Masonic Craft- who claimed they had an Obligation to provide Masonic burial for their deceased Brother. Continue reading,; jon sage; pictures; turkish coup; 2016

Turkish Government Profiling Freemasons

The failed coup attempt in Turkey of last year is still wreaking political and civil fallout for those who might have been involved. Released today, are documents from a government computer detailing those who may have been a part of, or sympathetic to the lead up to the anti-government coup, including Freemasons.  Continue reading