Masonic Homes of Kentucky- 150th Anniversary Celebration!

By: Jon Patrick Sage, January 16, 2015

This last Saturday, Masonic Homes of Kentucky celebrated its 150th Anniversary. According to Gary Marsh, President and CEO, the Homes of Kentucky are the oldest such homes in the country and possibly the world. In this day and age, with many considering Freemasonry to be on a downturn of sorts, this is big news.

Not only are the Masonic Homes in Kentucky doing well, but indeed many other similar Organizations across the country are enjoying success and are able to provide their residents with excellent care and living. It is interesting to note, that a tradition which has its bedrock in charitable activities, continues to thrive on those same principles.

Masonic Homes of Kentucky began as a home for orphans and widows, in much the same way that Indiana’s Masonic Home began. However, the Homes now concentrate on senior, assisted living, and skilled nursing. We have included two videos of the Kentucky and Indiana Homes, commemorating their activities and achievements, along with the write up at WLKY.

“Matthew Rand, LOUISVILLE, Ky. —

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Masonic Homes of Kentucky.

The organization held a gala Saturday to mark the milestone.

“Well, this is very special in many ways because the Masonic Homes of Kentucky is the oldest Masonic home in the nation, as a matter of fact in the world,” said Gary Marsh, the organization’s president and CEO.

Saturday night’s gala was held at The Olmstead, a building that used to be the dining hall at the old Masonic Widows and Orphans Home in St. Matthews.

“During the early years, it was for widows and orphans. It’s now for people — senior living, people from independent living through skilled nursing and everything in between,” Marsh said.

The festivities included the premiere of a documentary looking back at the Masonic Home’s 150-year history.

“We are lucky to have a lot of photos and a lot of stories and several of our alumni who can share some of those stories with us, so it’s a very touching tribute to them,” said Nicole Candler, the group’s senior vice president of communications and marketing.

Dennis Brown came to the home after losing both of his parents when he was 9 years old.

“My parents got killed on a Friday. We buried them on a Sunday. I went back to school on Monday. The teachers asked me where my homework was,” Brown said.

They were difficult times, but Brown says he learned to rely on his Masonic Home family.

“It was our home, you know, and the people here were not just other orphans. They were your brothers and sisters,” Brown said.

The documentary will air several times throughout the year on KET, with the first airing Feb. 19 at 8 p.m.”

The Kentucky Masonic Homes Video Trailer…

Indiana Masonic Homes Video, produced a few years ago. A Must See!