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Freemasonry Set To DIE On 300th Anniversay

The upcoming and much hyped Tri-Centennial of modern Freemasonry (for those who subscribe to the accounting of our founding in 1717), is going to be celebrated in various jurisdictions, each with it’s own flair and personality. Yesterday, the Freemasons of the Province of West Kent helped to mark this event with a celebration at the Canterbury Cathedral. However… on the American side of the pond, the Fraternity is being actively put to death by those intended to safe guard its very existence!

As an example, the Grand Lodge of Ohio is planning not to commemorate, but to literally FLUSH down the Masonic toilet and KILL 300 years of tradition and catechism with what may be the largest “One Day Class” in history! 

In what is being called a “special initiation process” (a One Day Class) by the News Herald, The Grand Lodge of Ohio will commence the festivities on March 25. In what, according to the report (and our own collective knowledge) normally takes several weeks to many months of memorization and extreme dedication and effort on the part of the Initiate, Ohio has decided to whittle down to a single Saturday of coffee, doughnuts, and make-believe Masonic Ritual!

At press time, the graves of William Preston, Albert Pike, along with the FIRST Mason ever- Elias Ashmole– were churning at the surface as the corpses of those long deceased rolled over and over…

If learning the catechism (or Ritual as it is also known) is the foundation of a good and well spent Masonic life~ we wonder (all joking aside), if our Fraternity will exist for even another 100 years now that a complete lack of respect for the Ritual has been established and is even celebrated by entire jurisdictions.

Please read the official epitaph of Freemasonry at the News Herald follows here:

“Masonic Fraternity marks 300 years with special initiation process

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The Masonic Fraternity this year observes the 300th anniversary of modern Freemasonry, and the more than 80,000 Masonic members in 480 lodges in Ohio are making plans for the celebration.

The Ohio observance begins March 25, with a “Grand Master’s Class” which will allow new members to complete all initiation work in one day. Normally, weeks or months are required for this process. On that Saturday, initiation ceremonies will be held simultaneously in 25 locations across Ohio.

Reservation deadline for the Grand Master class is March 1. For more information on local activities, contact the Willoughby Lodge at”