What is Freemasonry?

The following posting, first presented a few years back by the Maryland Freemasons, is perhaps one of the best descriptors of Freemasonry, and also of the product of that Institution- that being the individual Mason- that we have seen in a very long time. The concise language, expert choreography, and perfectly timed music and effects serve to work in concert with each other and absolutely drive home a point which needs to be spoken more of.

That of “What is Freemasonry”?

Far too often, we are concerned with the many symbols and Ritual which makes up our gentle Craft. However, we must not forget that the main reason of the Freemasonic Institution IS to assist men in shaping our spiritual selves as living stones which have existed from time immemorial and will continue to exist throughout eternity. As such, to make “Good Men Better” is simply not enough- we must learn to become our best, and in so doing, to provide the best example for other men to follow and exemplify!

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