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Open Houses In Utah… Let’s Do It!

The 1st part of the Inside The Freemasons series aired last night on Sky 1, and I am happy for the producers, for all who watched, and for our Fraternity, which I hope will be uplifted and assisted by this publicity. In the meantime, there is no time like the present and no place quite like home to make a difference in everyday Freemasonry.

Utah’s Freemasons are doing just that- carrying on in their own present and down at home in an activity that has been customary for them for some time now. We have LONG touted the benefits of Masonic “Open Houses”, especially when they are done correctly and portray the Fraternity in a solemn and positive light. 

Utah appears to be doing just that. In the article that is referenced at, there are two key phrases mentioned, and what we believe to be cornerstones in Masonic life; and which should also be present in whatever picture of our gentle Craft that we choose to show to the world without.

John Liley, Past Grand Master of Masons in Utah mentions that esoteric language is not nearly as confining as most make it out to be, saying that  “Today’s Utah Masons know there is much more that we can talk about than we cannot.” This is NOT to imply that “secrets” are on the table for open discussion, but instead that the secrets are few and far between… MOST of what goes on inside a tyled Lodge CAN be discussed with outsiders. The openness can only help us, and will excite and attract new members.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, the article notes that “Masonic Temples have historically been a place of learning.” This is so very important and in the midst of conspiracy theories and secret handshakes and words, the notion that a Mason is charged to LEARN continuously is often lost in the surrounding chaos.

Imagine, with all of the people out there who watch the History Channel, Discovery, and other documentary type shows and movies- the public in general, and indeed- HUMANITY in general, is thirsty for knowledge. Masonry, at its core, provides knowledge and entreats her members to always search for more knowledge, to seek More Light In Masonry! 

Courtesty- Mike Terry, Deseret Morning News;;; Masonic; freemasonry;

Courtesty- Mike Terry, Deseret Morning News

The Utah Open Houses will be held Statewide on Saturday, May 6, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Join them if you can and consider starting such an endeavor in your State or home jurisdiction.

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“Freemasons to hold statewide open house

  • Submitted by Mike Nelson

SALT LAKE CITY – Freemasons across Utah will open the doors of their meeting places (called lodges) and invite the public during their annual statewide open house in an effort to welcome those with questions or interest in the centuries-old fraternity on May 6.

“Our annual statewide open house offers Utahns a great opportunity to walk into our buildings, speak with our members and learn about how our organization contributes to the community around us,” said Robert Wolfarth, Grand Master of Masons in Utah.

With a certain air of secrecy surrounding Freemasonry—whose members are bound by oath not to disclose certain aspects of the organization to non-members—many Masons have inadvertently leant to that mystique over many years by not announcing their membership too loudly.


“Today’s Utah Masons know there is much more that we can talk about than we cannot,” said John Liley, Past Grand Master of Masons in Utah.

Masons across Utah, not unlike Wolfarth and Liley, are proud of their membership and speak about it often with non-Masons.

“We’re your neighbors,” said Wolfarth, “Masons are here to support Utah through our charity efforts, our work in the community and our support for education.”


The open house will be held simultaneously at lodges from Logan to St. George, including the Salt Lake Masonic Temple, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 6.

“Masonic Temples have historically been a place of learning,” said Liley. “Take us up on our offer and tour our buildings and learn a little bit about Utah Freemasons.””


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