Inside The Freemasons Part 1,,,

Inside The Freemasons Part 1, SKY 1 T.V.

***UPDATE: As of right now, the links from Sky 1 are not working- please stay tuned for updates and showings in the future!

The much anticipated airing of the first episode of Inside The Freemasons was last week in the U.k. Today, the rest of the world is provided a showing! We reported on this on March 28, 2017. Now, follow along with us as we view, commentate on, and archive these showings.

I watched this first episode, and was actually impressed with the presentation, style, and overall dignity shown towards the Craft and her members. Their appears to be a developing story line surrounding- among others, the Deputy Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, and an incoming Candidate who is about to experience his first entrance into the Lodge- that of an Entered Apprentice. We will watch as the two progress down those two pathways, both of which lead towards the goal of Masonry- self betterment and fulfillment in one’s own spirit.