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Inside The Freemasons Part 2, SKY 1 T.V.

***UPDATE: As of right now, the links from Sky 1 are not working- please stay tuned for updates and showings in the future!

More Light In Masonry is happy to share Part 2 of Inside The Freemasons, from Sky 1 T.V. During episode 2, we watch as the newly elected Candidate  continues his Initiation into the Fraternity.

The Candidate, is following 5 generations of his family in joining Russell Lodge, of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Bedfordshire.  The Candidate’s Father acts as a mentor to him, and is very involved in his progress. 

The first series, aired last week in the U.K., caused quite a stir and we are certain that the subsequent episodes, will do the same. We are appreciative of the U.G.L.E. for the assistance offered in producing and helping to make available to the public these showings.