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For Those With Sky 1 TV- Part 3 Of Inside The Freemasons Airing Tonight!

Episode 3 of “Inside the Freemasons” will air on May 2nd on Sky 1 TV. We were fortunate enough to see the first two episodes, if only for a short while, and then the links were disabled, due to obvious proprietary issues. Even still, the buzz around the series continues, and we would like to offer congratulations and appreciation to the producers of this documentary.

Inside The Freemasons, made in concert with the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE), has proven to be fair and balanced, with a healthy and I would say reverent representation of the Fraternity. I am hopeful that this continues through the complete 5 part series. With what we’ve seen thus far, I am sure that it will.

The Facebook Page for Inside The Freemasons posted earlier that DVD’s will be out later this year. So, for those who are not in the British/Subscribing audience (Yes, there are some limitations as to who can view it), this program will eventually be released to a wider viewing audience. We are hopeful that it is sooner rather than later.

Until then… the trailer for Part 3.