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The Three Tenets- All You Need To Know!

While many differ in opinion on the actual founding; whether it be 1717, 1721, or some may say much earlier, the “Official” Tri-Centennial Celebration is gearing up among many Lodges, and they couldn’t be happier about it. Really, why shouldn’t they be? Let’s all join and celebrate! After all, we all love the Freemasonry, right?

While each individual Mason may have his own take on why he chose to join the Freemasonic Order, most agree after joining that they are glad to have done so. I can speak personally to the fact that I wish I had joined YEARS before I did, but was “I” ready to join? Perhaps not, and maybe I was better in waiting until I was able to offer something of myself… something WORTH offering to such a grand Organization! I suppose the answer lies in what the Institution provides and also expects from her members.

I have heard many explanations of these expectations, but none more concise than what was given by W.B Ian Troyer of Prince of Wales Lodge No. 146 in an interview with CKWS News out of Kingston, Ontario. When asked of the foundational elements of Freemasonry. W.B. Troyer mentioned the 3 tenets of a Mason’s Profession- Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. Fair Enough.

But, he then went on to give an almost too basic explanation of each one! Instead of the flowery explanations we (including myself) offer in our Monitorial Lectures while in Lodge assembled, Troyer explained to a CKWS’s reporter in an UN-Tyled setting that “Brotherly love is how we deal with each other, relief is how we deal with the rest of the world from a charity point of view and truth is how you see yourself and live your life.”

I think that there is some that could be added to that, but it sounds about right to me.

In commemoration of the 300th anniversary of our Craft, Ontario’s Grand Master is asking Lodges to conduct Open Houses on this coming June 3rd. Let’s join in, shall we, and have some fun.

Oh, and when asked by the “profane” what it means to be a Mason… I think that W.B. Troyer’s words will suffice. Yeah, we make good men better, and yes- there are secret handshakes… but at the root of it all are what supports our Profession as Masons and as Men, OUR TENETS: Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.

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“An inside look at a local Masonic Lodge as Freemasons celebrate 300 years

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
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