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Turkish Government Profiling Freemasons

The failed coup attempt in Turkey of last year is still wreaking political and civil fallout for those who might have been involved. Released today, are documents from a government computer detailing those who may have been a part of, or sympathetic to the lead up to the anti-government coup, including Freemasons. 

A document leaked from the computer of a Ministry of Education worker is startling evidence that not only Masons, but also others who supported the so-calledGulen movement, who were anti-government protestors, or who may have been supporters of the now infamously known “Feb. 28” are still actively under government surveillance.

Let’s use this as a way to gain awareness that all of us do not live in cultures that promote or even allow freedom of speech and ideas… We hope and pray for the best for all of our Brethren, where ever they may be!

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“Leaked doc shows ministry worker profiled colleagues as Gülenist, anti-gov’t protester or Freemason

Leaked doc shows ministry worker profiled colleagues as Gülenist, anti-gov’t protester or FreemasonA document found on the computer of an Education Ministry bureaucrat has shown that he/she profiled his colleagues as a follower of the Gulen movement, an anti-government protester, a Freemason or a “Feb. 28 supporter” in some cases.

According to Odatv online news portal, Ankara police has seized the bureaucrat’s computer as part of an investigation against him/her.

A civil servant at the ministry’s “support services department,” the bureaucrat has spied against some 30 of his/her colleagues including the department head S.A. and a deputy undersecretary at the Education Ministry, H.Ç.

“He is known at the ministry for being a Feb.28 supporter,” the bureaucrat in question was revealed to have remarked for S.A. The military intervention that toppled a coalition government led by the Welfare Party (RP), a now-defunct conservative party where the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan used to be a member of.

H.Ç. was profiled as allegedly supporting those who is accused of insulting Erdogan.

An internal auditor is blacklisted as an alleged FETÖ member, another worker as a mason and one as a Gezi protester who attended nationwide anti-government demonstrations in 2013.

The government accuses the Gulen movement of masterminding the July 15, 2016 coup attempt and labels it as a terrorist organization by calling the group FETÖ, short for alleged Fethullahist Terrorist Organization.”



“05/05/2017 12:49 pm ET

Turkey Sacks 107 Judges, Prosecutors Over Links To Failed Coup

Detention warrants were issued for those dismissed in the purge.

Turkey dismissed 107 judges and prosecutors over alleged links to a failed coup in July last year, Turkish television reported on Friday, in the third major purge since President Tayyip Erdogan was granted sweeping new powers.

Turkey has now fired about 145,000 civil servants, security personnel and academics, local media reported. The number of ousted judges and prosecutors has reached 4,238.

Ankara has blamed the network of the U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen for a coup attempt last July in which he has denied all involvement.

Detention warrants were issued for the dismissed judges and prosecutors, Turkish TV said. More than 40,000 were arrested in the aftermath of the failed putsch in which 240 people were killed, mostly civilians.

Turkey on Saturday expelled more than 3,900 people from the civil service and military as threats to national security, after a referendum in April which rights groups and some Western allies say brought the country, a NATO member and European Union candidate, closer to one-man rule.