Freemasonry… In A GOOD Spotlight In Wisconsin!

The Neville Museum in Green Bay, WI will host an exhibit extolling the contributions of Freemasonry and Masons throughout the history of the United States.  The Initiated Eye will run June 10 through September 3 in Green Bay. 

included in the display are some 21 works of art, along with Regalia, Lodge furnishings, clothing, and more. The aim of the attraction is to draw attention to the many good things accomplished by Freemasonry across the history of the U.S., both within and without Public Works projects such as the laying of cornerstones, building dedications, etc.

Find the full article at Fox11online following, and hope to see any there who are able to visit!

“Uncrating the Initiated Eye exhibit

Neville Public Museum

GREEN BAY (WLUK) — Green Bay’s Neville Museum began taking its newest traveling exhibit out of crates Monday.

The exhibit, ‘Initiated eye: Secrets, Symbols, Freemasonry and the Architecture of Washington, DC’, focuses on the Masonic history and members that were part of the Freemason society.

The showcase offers intriguing architectural and historical perspective by combining artist, Peter Waddell’s, paintings with rare Masonic artifacts.

Neville Museum assistant director, Kevin Cullen, says there is no one definition of what a Freemason is but he says, “it’s a collective group of a fraternal brotherhood of Masons. A lot of them are philanthropic, where they raise money and funds for other organizations.”

Cullen says some of America’s most iconic structures like the Statue of Liberty were laid by Freemasons and that much of their history is told through art.

Neville Museum director, Beth Lemke, says you can find Masonic symbols around government architecture, money, paintings and clothing.

“It’s something that appears kind of like an unspoken language,” Lumke says. “So it’s a way to communicate or identify with certain things.”

Lemke says 21 large paintings will be on display, including artifacts such as pins, masonic chairs and clothing. The exhibit runs from June 10 to Sept. 3.”

Contributed by: Jon Sage

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