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More Light In Masonry (Masonic Articles & Review)

More Light In Masonry (Masonic Articles & Review)

Get The Book That Helped To Found This Website! At Amazon, the Kindle is .99 and a nice paperback is at $6.00 and would make a terrific addition to your personal or Lodge Library… Or, it could be that perfect gift for the newly Initiated, Passed, or Raised Brother!

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A Brief Descriptive of the Book from Amazon:

The soul of man is apparent in his innate sense of immortality; that feeling which seems to push beyond the earthly realm, and indeed, out past the bounds of the grave. Through immortality, we assume our rightful place amongst the Deity, in between these “mortal” endeavors that are hallmarked by these incarnations measured with man-made timepieces. As Masons, the belief in immortality is what provides the basis for the legend of the 3rd degree.

More Light In Masonry is concerned with the spiritual aspects of Masonry, those parts which many would compare with and define as religious in origin and effects. Those of us who embrace the esoteric elements of Masonry understand that the Order is much, much more than just “The World’s Oldest Fraternity”… In many ways, it is the world’s oldest set of philosophies and religious practices, handed down and blended by centuries and generations.

All we must do is open our eyes, and our hearts. The benefits of a Masonic Life well spent are free for the taking- If… only one knows the direction in which to travel!