Studies of the Fellow Craft Degree

Here follows some of what I have learned from others, and condensed- along with some of my own writings concerning the never-ending and most wonderful degree of Fellow Craft, or as it was termed in ancient times, a “Fellow of the Craft”. I have attempted to cite as many sources as were clear to be cited. If any were missed, I certainly do not claim the information as my own, but offer it as public and Masonic knowledge. Any missed citations is wholly unintended.

Even the “Primer For The Worshipful Master” is good study material for a Fellow Craft as it begins to teach leadership and Masonic etiquette that  are not only necessary for the Oriental Chair, but for good Masonic conduct in general.

Indeed, no other degree in Masonry or in life is so well suited to our present situation than that of the Fellow Craft, one who’s station demands continuous learning and improving of himself and his Craft!

600 Years Craft Ritual

A Primer For The Worshipful Master

Dew Drop Lecture

Establishing Strength

Middle Chamber

Symbolism of Three Five and Seven

The Two Pillars


Three Lesser Lights