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Lemonade and the Several Senses

W.B. Jon Patrick Sage 

Remember those Country Time Lemonade commercials? This stuff was supposed to be lemonade, but it was really more like a yellow colored, sugary mix. You took this great, sweet-tart powder, and added water. I would just eat the powder, and not worry with the water, that stuff was good. I think that it’s probably still around, but I don’t have any reason to go and look.

Now when I want lemonade, I just make it out of lemons… Continue reading;

Freemasonry: Closed Doors, Secrets, and Historical Significance

An introduction of Freemasonry and historical talk is being planned in Arlington, Massachusetts by the  Mystic Valley Lodge. The event, planned by Past Master Alan Jones and the Arlington Historical Society, is something that we feel deserves some attention. In the past, such demonstrations have been more of a display… toted as an “open house” if you will, with little or no real explanation of the inner workings of the Fraternity or of its good efforts.

However, in this case, the presence of the Lodge- rather, the entire history of the Lodge within the community of Arlington is being approached and discussed as a historical commentary. In addition to this, there will be limited examples and discussion of Ritual and of the importance which Ritual work and Initiation into our gentle Craft helps to promote all of our other good Work. Continue reading

Am I Illuminating or Diminishing?

W.B. Jon Patrick Sage

In these dark and dreary days (and nights), of winter; we understand the value and importance of physical light and warmth. However, at times such as these, I also wonder if my “inner Light” is visible to others? Am I perceived as cold and uncaring, or warm and accommodating?
The answer, or rather– the explanation for the answer, is found in the 1st degree of Masonry, as the Candidate is brought from darkness to light, and with it, a never ending quest for self-improvement, and love of mankind. I believe that the correct “Masonic” answer must be that YES, we are Illuminating Light, even when we feel that we are not. However, when considering the definition of Masonic light, and “what does it mean”, let us refer to an article by W. Bro. Julian Rees. Continue reading

The Lodge’s Most Important Document

The Charter of a Lodge, which grants those Brethren permission to Work, is usually framed and displayed prominently on the wall of any modern Lodge room. But, what happens when the original document is lost? Very often, a replacement can be issued by a Grand Lodge, although the new Charter may never quite “live up” to the original. Such was the case at Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 27 in Statesville, North Carolina.

Evidentally, the Charter had been lost once before, and then replaced around the beginning of the 19th century. However, the Lodge’s original Charter from its founding in 1795 remained lost, until 2014. At that time, it was carefully preserved and will hopefully NOT be lost to time again! Continue reading

Why Change A Good Thing?

For about the last year, I have been hearing a lot about the Essex Cornerstone Club, and how this new group is attempting to do away with some of what they might term to be the age old stereotypes, with the word “old” being the operative term… At first glance, while reading over the many news items, they appear to be no different than any other Lodge; wanting to promote charity, self-betterment, and Fraternal Brotherhood. However, one thing is dreadfully missing from their charter, and it is one of dire importance.

The concept of Fraternal Brotherhood? The Essex Cornerstone Club does not understand the meaning or application of the term. Continue reading

That Brotherly Love May Prevail

By: W.B. Jon Patrick Sage
The first tenet of a Mason’s profession, Brotherly Love, in our Monitorial Lectures, is followed closely by Relief and Truth. As we look closely at the descriptions of those tenets, it becomes apparent that Relief and Truth are supporters of Brotherly Love; that is to say, that Brotherly Love IS the central theme that runs throughout what ought to be to “professed” activity(s) of a Mason, and in order to do so, the elements of Relief and Truth must also be present and active. If we take that as accepted, then let us consider the central theme of Brotherly Love and its role in our Masonic and daily lives. Continue reading

What is Freemasonry?

The following posting, first presented a few years back by the Maryland Freemasons, is perhaps one of the best descriptors of Freemasonry, and also of the product of that Institution- that being the individual Mason- that we have seen in a very long time. The concise language, expert choreography, and perfectly timed music and effects serve to work in concert with each other and absolutely drive home a point which needs to be spoken more of.

That of “What is Freemasonry”? Continue reading, masonic, freemason, jon sage, jon patrick sage, ritual, catechism,

Freemasonry Set To DIE On 300th Anniversay

The upcoming and much hyped Tri-Centennial of modern Freemasonry (for those who subscribe to the accounting of our founding in 1717), is going to be celebrated in various jurisdictions, each with it’s own flair and personality. Yesterday, the Freemasons of the Province of West Kent helped to mark this event with a celebration at the Canterbury Cathedral. However… on the American side of the pond, the Fraternity is being actively put to death by those intended to safe guard its very existence!

As an example, the Grand Lodge of Ohio is planning not to commemorate, but to literally FLUSH down the Masonic toilet and KILL 300 years of tradition and catechism with what may be the largest “One Day Class” in history!  Continue reading

A Certain Point Within A Circle

 We meet upon the Level, and part upon the Square…

To say that you are “square” with another is a term used commonly among men and Masons both. In short, it means that we are in agreement with one another; that there is no animosity between us; or that we are on an equal footing with one another. Masonically speaking, to be square is to be level; is to be plumb and upright; so on and so on. This is true because of the way in which the builder’s tools measure time and space. If we are square, then that is to say that all is right… all is “o.k.” within our universe.

However, just as the builder’s tools show age and need to be re-sharpened and at times re-calibrated, the same holds true for the square, and all that it contains. If you were square yesterday, or last year… this does not automatically assure that you are still square today! Continue reading

Take A Look – The Dayton Masonic Center!

I have passed by the Masonic Center in Dayton, OH- perhaps more times than I can count. But, despite having received invitations over the years for various events, I have yet to step inside and truly experience this beauty of a building. Lucky for all of us who have not toured this historic Temple, Jim Ingram has published a piece at that shows off the interior and some history of the structure, along with so much more!
Continue reading