Freemasonry ~ At Odds With The Christian Faith!

An upcoming celebration of architecture, religion, history, and Freemasonry to be held at Canterbury Cathedral has been blasted by the Anglican Church as being “at  odds” with the Christian faith.

In what appears to be an increasingly public disruption between organized religion and Freemasonry, there is a battle brewing over an upcoming service honoring the Masons, at Canterbury Cathedral. Historically, our Catholic friends have been the aggressors here, with Papal Bulls and other Administrative actions against the Fraternity stretching back as far as 1307 and Pope Clement V… of Jacques DeMolay in fame. However, there has long been an undercurrent in most Protestant faiths that, at best, imparts a sometimes unfriendly tone towards Freemasonic practices. Well, it’s now getting kind of public.  Continue reading

Freemasonry- Why Did YOU Join?

~Jon Sage, February 8, 2017

A question that is always interesting to me, and perhaps one in which the answer and reasons sometimes change over the course of one’s lifetime and career, is WHY did you do something? In terms of Freemasonry, we hear quite often… or perhaps are asked by others- “Why did you join”? Could you answer this question? And if so, would your present answer have the same answers or reasons which you might have given when entering a Lodge for that very first time?  Continue reading;

Why Freemasonry Is Wrong- For Being Absolutely Right!

I’m writing this only because:

  • Freemasonry & Catholicism are hot button topics
  • I continue to believe that Freemasonry is on the right side of this history
  • I absolutely believe that the Vatican is way full of itself- along with a whole lotta horse shit
  • The Source Article is well written, and explained well the position of most organized religion(s) against Free-Masonic Lodges

I am a Mason and as such, I am biased on the issue. However, let it be known that before I was Initiated into Freemasonry, I studied various religions and their dogmas extensively.  It’s what I like to call making an informed decision, and also prevents me from living in the proverbial glass house of possessing ZERO knowledge – because I do cast the occasional stone.

Simply put, I LOVE the article following, which appeared yesterday at The Catholic World Report. It displays with perfect candor the distaste held by The Latin Church and others against our gentle Craft. More importantly, the author shows sharp contrasts between the Organization’s that I cannot and am happy not to dispute!  Continue reading

Membership STILL In Decline? …. O.K., GOOD!

Reported yesterday at the East Village was an all too common story- one telling the story of the continuing decline in membership of our gentle Craft. What struck me as I read the piece this afternoon, was not so much the fact that yes, our numbers have absolutely declined since the mid 20th century- rather; I am not only in awe these days of not only the former glory of the Temples and Masonic structures of yesteryear, but more so of their present day state of decay and neglect. Even more troubling, that these now unmanageable buildings should have anything at all to do with the current state of Freemasonry!

Simply put, our institution of today couldn’t be any farther from the Institution that occupied the famed Masonic Temple of Detroit than if that building were on the moon.

We are NO LONGER an Institution of massive numbers, marching in parades, and requiring building to house thousands of Masons in Lodge assembled. And- this is a GOOD THING! Continue reading

Utah To Install Robert Wolfarth As Grand Master, Public Invited!

The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of Utah will hold its 145th Annual Communication this February 2-4, 2017. Although not all of that Communication is open to the public, it is important to note that at least one portion is. This being the Installation ceremony of Right Worshipful Robert Wolfarth as Grand Master of Masons of the State of Utah for the ensuing year. This is actually an ideal time for Freemasonry to reach out and invite the general public into the Grand Temples that often reside behind a shroud of secrecy and mystery to most outside the Institution. Continue reading

Tsar Nicolas II, The Bolsheviks, & Freemasonry’s Re-Appearance in Russia!

January 30, 2017

Hot off the Freemasonic news presses today we have an examination of the writings of Vladimir Moss, who explored extensively the visible and invisible connections between Communism and Capitalism; Atheism and Orthodox Christianity; and even the Freemasonic revival in Russia which followed Glasnost and Perestroika in the 1990’s. The historical remembrances follow many parallels, not the least of which is irrefutable proof that in order for Freemasonry to flourish and become alive, her members must be “free” men, profess a belief in a God, and possess belongings; thus proving that our Craft is indeed incompatible with atheism and communism.

Who knew that Russia, in which Freemasonry was dealt with in much the same manner as was Nicholas and the Royal Family, had experienced a surge in Masonic membership in the 1990’s after the long absence since after the Bolsheviks won their revolution! Indeed, we read in the article which follows that “Nor was the Masonic movement in Russia just an unimportant fad. For President Yeltsin himself became a Freemason in 1992 (as announced in Pravda); while his successor, the KGB Lieutenant-Colonel Vladimir Putin, became one in Germany, where he was stationed at the time. Nevertheless, the economic catastrophe of the 1990’s served to disillusion Russians with democracy, and therefore with Masonry by association…” Hmmmmm.  Continue reading

Masonic Ball

Dances & Gala’s: A Beautiful & Nearly Forgotten Face Of Freemasonry!

Like many other forgotten activities of so long ago, the Masonic or Master’s Ball (along with the glamoured events of other Organizations) has found itself placed firmly in the collective rear-view mirror. With the exception of a few notable hold outs- it seems as if Masonic and other Fraternity’s, groups, and society in general is no longer in favor of a night out on the town…. even where dances and balls still exist, they are not nearly as common, accessible, or popular as they once were.

It seems as if these hold outs from a by-gone era are indeed gone, and can only be spied upon through the occasional peephole to the past that is often accidentally found behind bricked up doorways and the water damaged plaster walls of some old building. Here, we find the remnants of what used to be, and through the musty perfume of many decades can still imagine gilded figures gliding across parquet tiled floors, under chandeliers and then off into the blackness from whence they came. Gone- forever lost and only found in the imagination.

Continue reading

Enough Already – We Get It- The Pope Doesn’t Like Masons!

Jon Patrick Sage

January 25, 2017

It seems that Freemasonry is the proverbial dead horse that Catholicism refuses to stop beating up on. Just this day, Father Kenneth Doyle announced that – once again Freemason are in grave sin, and can’t receive communion! Well, um… ok. Thanks for clearing that up Ken.

You see, according to the good Father and an 1884 edict handed down by Leo XIII, Freemasonry and Catholicism are incompatible- saying that “The reality, though, is that Masonry is at heart a naturalistic religion whose basic tenets are incompatible with Catholic faith and practice”. 

Fine- Count Me Out. Continue reading, The Old Tiler Talks, Claudy, Jon Patrick Sage, More Light In Masonry, Freemasonry

Beautiful Adventure

By: Carl H. Claudy

They are forming a study club in there!” announced the New Brother, disgustedly, to the Old Tiler. “Get all I want of study in school. Can’t see why men in lodge want to make a job out of Masonry!”

“Maybe they want to learn something about it,” suggested the Old Tiler. “Some people do like to know something about the religion they practice, the organization they belong to, the truths they embrace.”

“Is that a dirty dig?” demanded the New Brother. “It isn’t deserved. I am not one of those careless Masons who wear the pin and pay dues and end their activity. I attend regularly. I do what I am called upon to do. I learned the work and learned it well. I even learned all the third degree, although it wasn’t demanded of me. But to get together evenings in a study club and go all over it again and learn it some more-not for mine!”

”Well, no one is going to hog-tie you and throw you into a study club,” answered the Old Tiler. “It’s not only a free country, but a free lodge.”

“I am properly thankful for it,” answered the New Brother. “But I can’t understand the complex these fellows have.”

”Suppose you change the subject and give me a definition of the philosophy of Masonry,” suggested the Old Tiler.

“Why, the philosophy of Masonry is . . . it’s er . . . why, I suppose it’s . . . I don’t know what it is.”

“Well, tell me then, what the religion of Freemasonry is?”

“That’s easy,” laughed the New Brother. “Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man.”

“Brotherhood of man cannot be a religion,” answered the Old Tiler, “because a religion is a system of belief and worship of Deity. And the Fatherhood of God is taught in a dozen different religions, including the Christian religion, the Jewish, the Mohammedan and most of the pagan religions. You’ll have to dig deeper than that for the religion of Freemasonry.

“As that sticks you, you might explain to me the real origin of the letter ‘G’ in Freemasonry; I don’t mean the ritualistic reference to it, but its connection with the symbols of the first and second degrees.”

“I didn’t know it had any other origin than what we give it in the Fellowcraft degree,” answered the New Brother.

”Seems to me there are several things you don’t know about this craft the work of which you are so self-sufficiently proud to have learned,” scoffed the Old Tiler.

“Can you give a history of Freemasonry? Do you know anything about the first Grand Lodge?”

“You mean the one at Jerusalem?”

”No, I mean London!” was the sharp answer. “Can you tell me anything about Ars Quatuor Cororiatorum? Do you know the story of Price and Coxe and Freemasonry in the United States? Who Morgan was? What Freemasonry had to do with Mormonism? What other patriots besides Washington, Warren, Lafayette and Paul Revere went to a Masonic lodge for help in the Revolutionary war?

“Do you know anything of the Egyptian and Syriac origins of any of our ceremonies and symbols? Do you understand the connection of the myth of Isis and Osiris with our lion’s paw and Lion of the Tribe of Judah? Do you know why clandestinism is mentioned in our ritual or anything about Cerneauism and other spurious Masonry?

“I know you do not! And therefore, it seems to me that you are among the many to whom attendance in a study club would be of the greatest value.

“Freemasonry is much more than a system of lodges. It is a system of living. It has many secrets to give you . . . you have learned only, the exoteric secrets; the secrets which all initiates are taught. You have nothing more from your Freemasonry than any of the rest. Yet the simple and few secrets given you in our degrees are keys with which to unlock doors behind which lie other secrets of untold value. They cannot be told to you. You wouldn’t know how to understand them if you had them told to you. The only way a Mason can learn these, the inner, esoteric secrets of Freemasonry, is to use the keys we give him and unlock the doors and enter the holy of holies for himself.

”A man can do this alone. Many men have. A man may study medicine or engineering or stenography or house building or anything else alone, if he has the wit and the determination so to do. But it’s easier to study such things in the company of others and with a teacher. Teaching is an art and so is study. Not all of us know these arts. Hence, we have schools and colleges to help those who want to learn but don’t know how.

“A study club is a Masonic school. It makes Masonic study easier. Unfortunately, there are many to whom the word ‘study’ is anathema; it is connected in their minds with tiresome days in School, when some teacher taught an uninteresting subject uninterestingly. If I should form a club, I’d call it the Beautiful Adventure Club. I’d try to make its members feel that instead of hard, laborious hours studying something, they were setting out on a beautiful adventure to find the end of the Masonic rainbow, to look for the pot of hidden gold, to learn the secrets which may not be told, to get the knowledge that each man must find for himself. That’s what the right kind of a study club is; a means of having ail adventure which the casual-minded man can never have. But, of course, it’s only for the Masons who like adventure and who want to see behind the locked door to which they hold the keys – where are you going?”

“You know perfectly well where I’m going!” retorted the New Brother scornfully. ”I am going inside to join that club before they close the list of members! If there are any adventures to have in Freemasonry I want them, and if there are any locked doors I want to open them!”

The Old Tiler smiled. He had been an Old Tiler for a long, long time.

“Posted with express permission from The Temple Publishers, Inc. This and other works of Brother Claudy can be purchased on our website at .”


Post Script by Jon ~ 

Over the years, I have absolutely enjoyed the Old Tiler Talks, and think that even though they were penned nearly 100 years ago, most if not all of them still hold water and explain Masonic processes and nuances in a way understandable and applicable to all. They were featured for such a long time by the MSANA and are now available from The Temple Publishers, Inc. I would encourage all Brethren to petition their Lodge to purchase the complete sets from Temple, so that the Lodge Library could be complete. 

Nowhere else, in any other readings, have I found such a poignant message that is attractive to such a wide audience, as I have found in the Old Tiler. The preceding piece, entitled “Beautiful Adventure”, speaks directly to the heart of our Craft, which truly a progressive science, and one of lifelong learning. Indeed, just as our human and spiritual learning does not begin with the Entered Apprentice- it also does not end at the conclusion of the Master Mason degree. The supposition by many that this is the case is a tragedy in and of itself; however, simply by applying ourselves, it is a misconception easily corrected. 

Jack the Ripper, Michael Maybrick, and Freemasonry

January 22, 2017

In what can only be described as a fantastic shot in the dark, author Bruce Robinson has claimed in his book “They All Love Jack” that the notorious Jack the Ripper murders in 1888 London were the doings of, and then the cover-up of, the Freemasons! Apparently, in News and information circles that have been bubbling just beneath the surface for the last year or so, the feared killer has been named by Robinson as Michael Maybrick, refuting many popular theories which imply that William Gull, the Royal Physician, was in fact the Ripper.

To further boost his claims, it is only mildly convenient that Maybrick was a Mason, indeed a member of 6 Lodges in London whereas Gull was not a Mason. Furthermore, Maybrick disappeared shortly after the killings ceased, presumably to the Isle of Wight. Peppered throughout the story(s) are claims that vital clues were either erased, ignored, or just not noticed by the Metropolitan police, headed by Sir Charles Warren. All of this done by or on behalf of London Mason’s in the effort to cover up the Fraternity’s connection in the murders. Continue reading