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Terra Masonica- Around The World In 80 Lodges

Our dear friend and Bro. Al McClelland shared with this Site some finishing touches on a project that he has had considerable involvement with- Terra Masonica: Around The World In 80 Lodges. This Work was conceived and produced by  Bro. Tristan Bourlard– an extremely accomplished Filmmaker and Author. At first glance, the project seems like a multitude of other films about Freemasonry. But, it is MUCH more than that… more than you might imagine! Continue reading

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The Grand Lodge Of Ireland- Inside The Building At Molesworth St.

We found a news item that is kind of neat, and since everyone seems to love Irish Freemasonry, thought a short write up was in order. What better posting could there be on a Saturday afternoon, than one including a description of the very awesome private bar (they have BOOKS and comfortable looking chairs), along with a tour of the Lodge in general. Continue reading

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The Three Tenets- All You Need To Know!

While many differ in opinion on the actual founding; whether it be 1717, 1721, or some may say much earlier, the “Official” Tri-Centennial Celebration is gearing up among many Lodges, and they couldn’t be happier about it. Really, why shouldn’t they be? Let’s all join and celebrate! After all, we all love the Freemasonry, right? Continue reading

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For Those With Sky 1 TV- Part 3 Of Inside The Freemasons Airing Tonight!

Episode 3 of “Inside the Freemasons” will air on May 2nd on Sky 1 TV. We were fortunate enough to see the first two episodes, if only for a short while, and then the links were disabled, due to obvious proprietary issues. Even still, the buzz around the series continues, and we would like to offer congratulations and appreciation to the producers of this documentary.

Inside The Freemasons, made in concert with the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE), has proven to be fair and balanced, with a healthy and I would say reverent representation of the Fraternity. I am hopeful that this continues through the complete 5 part series. With what we’ve seen thus far, I am sure that it will. Continue reading

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From Stone To Statues, Ellettsville Lodge #245 A.F. & A.M.

Following is the brief story of the stone statues that were carved, placed, and eventually dedicated by The Grand Lodge of Indiana, with M.W.B. Mark Genung presiding. The ceremony and accompanying video, was created nearly 3 years ago, I think it must have been in May of 2014. I do remember the day of the filming and Work by our Grand Lodge, a beautiful early summer day in South-Central Indiana.  Continue reading

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Widows Sons Biker-Featured In Part 3 Of Inside The Freemasons

On this coming May 2nd, the increasingly popular and ever talked about series on Sky 1 TV “Inside The Freemasons”, will feature the “Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association”, and in particular, Northumberland Freemason Peter Younger.

Peter is the founding President of the Northumberland Chapter of the Widows Son’s Masonic Bikers Association and national chairman. But, at the heart of it all, he is an active Freemason!  Continue reading

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R.W. Bro. John Kuffour & Other Prominent Freemasons Of Ghana

The former President of Ghana, Bro. John Agyekum Kuffour, was named Right Worshipful Senior Grand Warden of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) in a ceremony Wednesday by HRH, The Duke Of Kent, Prince Edward, the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England.

Ghana, formerly known as the Gold Coast, was a British Colony  from 1867 until its independence from the UK in 1957. Since its time as a British colony until the present, there has been tremendous British influence in that region of west Africa, including the introduction of Freemasonry! Continue reading

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Inside The Freemasons Part 2, SKY 1 T.V.

***UPDATE: As of right now, the links from Sky 1 are not working- please stay tuned for updates and showings in the future!

More Light In Masonry is happy to share Part 2 of Inside The Freemasons, from Sky 1 T.V. During episode 2, we watch as the newly elected Candidate  continues his Initiation into the Fraternity.

The Candidate, is following 5 generations of his family in joining Russell Lodge, of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Bedfordshire.  The Candidate’s Father acts as a mentor to him, and is very involved in his progress.  Continue reading

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Inside The Freemasons Part 1, SKY 1 T.V.

***UPDATE: As of right now, the links from Sky 1 are not working- please stay tuned for updates and showings in the future!

The much anticipated airing of the first episode of Inside The Freemasons was last week in the U.k. Today, the rest of the world is provided a showing! We reported on this on March 28, 2017. Now, follow along with us as we view, commentate on, and archive these showings.

I watched this first episode, and was actually impressed with the presentation, style, and overall dignity shown towards the Craft and her members. Their appears to be a developing story line surrounding- among others, the Deputy Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, and an incoming Candidate who is about to experience his first entrance into the Lodge- that of an Entered Apprentice. We will watch as the two progress down those two pathways, both of which lead towards the goal of Masonry- self betterment and fulfillment in one’s own spirit. Continue reading

Morelightinmasonry, jonpatricksage.com, jon sage, Hamilton resident Lamar King was arrested for vandalism of the Hamilton Masonic Lodge at 724 High St. Police said an officer watched King spray paint his own name and birth date on the building. GREG LYNCH/STAFF

Dumb & Dumber… Hoping This Guy Doesn’t Have Kids To Influence!

If we don’t have a “dumbest criminal” section in any Masonic Publications, perhaps now is the time to start one. Officials representing Washington F & A M Lodge #17 in Hamilton, OH are hopeful that spray paint graffiti will be cleaned from the building’s exterior by summer. Most of the time, it is difficult if not impossible to identify the perpetrators in these crimes, many of which deface and destroy historic buildings… Masonic or not! But, this case was a bit different.  Continue reading